Snow and Ice Dam Removal

Limit damage to your roof and gutters by removing ice dams.

Need Help This Winter With Those Dreaded Ice Dams and Heavy Snow on Your Roof?

We all know our winters can be very cold here in Connecticut. If you’ve lived in this area long, you’re not a stranger to seeing ice dams formed along the edges of rooflines. Henry’s Roofing Co. had been helping our communities for years to protect homes. These ice dams can form when roof temperatures are inconsistent; for example, the underside of the roof gets warmer than the outside air allowing the melting of the snow underneath. This melted snow runs down into gutters and refreezes once it hits the outside temperature. This cycle continues until you have a very large piece of solid ice sitting inside your gutters and roof’s edge known as an ice dam. When you see those pretty icicles hanging along outside, that’s a good indicator the conditions are right for ice dams to form. If your roof has good ventilation and insulation this can be minimized. Before the winter hits, have one of our roofing contractors come out and inspect your roof and give suggestions. We’ve been doing this a long time and have the experience needed to install a roof system to minimize ice dams from forming.

Do Ice Dams Cause Damage?

The answer to that is yes. These heavy solid pieces of ice can cause gutters to sag and even tear away from the home. They allow water to damage your soffits and fascia boards. Ice dams can also cause water to back up allowing water to enter your home. This can create a lot of problems if the water makes its way inside your home; things such as damaged walls, floors, and wet insulation.

Can you Prevent Ice Dams?

The idea is you need to keep the entire roof at the same temperature. This can be remedied for the most part by adding more ventilation so the air circulating is at the same temperature. Another thing you can do is add more insulation to keep the roof insulated from your home’s heat. You don’t want the underside of the roof to get warmer than the outside of the roof. Our roofers can design a very effective plan to add more ventilation and more insulation so you aren’t faced with these dreaded ice dams.

Ice Dam and Snow Removal Pricing

Minimum Price of $500 - Non-Taxable

Heavy Snow with Ice Hanging Off of Gutters

Call on us!

Henry’s Roofing Co. is here to help during these cold winter months. We’ll remove ice dams and remove the heavy snow putting a burden on your roof. Serving Canton, CT, and surrounding communities since 1935.

Tips On Locating A Reputable Contractor

  • Make sure you contractor has a Connecticut Registration Number. … Here Is Ours (ex. #HIC.0548560)
  • Does your contractor carry both Liability and Workers Compensation insurance? … We Do.
  • How long have they been in business?? … We Are Celebrating 85 Years Of Service!
  • Is the Owner on every job site? … Ryan Will Be On Every Job.
  • Do they sub-contract any of their work. … We Never Do!
  • Call the BBB to see if there were any complaints lodged against that company. … We Never Have.
  • Can your contractor provide you with an extended list of references? … Just Ask.

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