Skylight Installation

No more dark rooms

Skylights Are Perfect for Bringing in Natural Light to a Room With Limited Windows.

Henry’s Roofing Co. would love to add skylights to your roof or replace your existing ones. Maybe upgrade to a newer more efficient design from Velux. This project is a fun one because each and every time a homeowner decides to get new skylights added to their home, we see their faces light up and they go “wow’! It truly is transforming. Skylights can enhance any dark room and bring in natural light. This makes it look bigger and more inviting. For rooms with limited windows, a skylight is perfect.

When Is the Best Time to Install a Skylight?

The answer is we can install a skylight anytime! However, if you’re already planning to get a new roof replacement, the addition of skylights is ideal and cost savings. Plus you can have both warranties in place for your roof and your skylights which makes it ideal. We can also install a sun tunnel that looks like a recessed light from the inside of your home but it is a great option if you’re not wanting a full-size skylight. At Henry’s Roofing, one of our licensed roofing contractors would be glad to go over all options and costs. You’ll wish you did this sooner, trust us!

Benefits of Skylights

  • Adds natural light- great when you lack windows in a room
  • Allows fresh air inside - depending on the type of skylight you choose
  • Energy savings- save on heating and cooling bills
  • Adds space visually to a room- this extra light makes your room look bigger
  • Increase your home’s value- skylights are a big feature that everyone loves
  • Brightens your mood- proven to help with seasonal affective disorder and the blues
  • Sleep more peacefully - known as nature’s alarm clock
  • Easy to install- in the scheme of things it’s a small project and more affordable than you might think.
Skylight Installation by Henry's Roofing

Skylight Replacement Pricing

$1,000 Minimum

  • Remove and dispose of existing skylights.
  • Install Velux skylight.
  • Wrap underlayment up sides of skylight.
  • Install Velux Skylight Flashing Kit.

We recommend replacing the skylight along with the roof because they last about the same amount of time.

Contact Henry’s Roofing Today and Let’s get Started!

Trust us when we say you’ll be very happy you decided to have skylights installed. They dramatically change the look of any room. They provide energy cost savings and provide health benefits including boosting mental health. Henry’s Roofing has been serving homeowners in Canton, CT, and other communities including Avon, New Hartford, West Hartford, Simsbury, Farmington, and Burlington, Connecticut since 1935. We are licensed and insured and ready for your skylight installation. Call us at 860-693-1791 to get started.

Tips On Locating A Reputable Contractor

  • Make sure you contractor has a Connecticut Registration Number. … Here Is Ours (ex. #HIC.0548560)
  • Does your contractor carry both Liability and Workers Compensation insurance? … We Do.
  • How long have they been in business?? … We Are Celebrating 85 Years Of Service!
  • Is the Owner on every job site? … Ryan Will Be On Every Job.
  • Do they sub-contract any of their work. … We Never Do!
  • Call the BBB to see if there were any complaints lodged against that company. … We Never Have.
  • Can your contractor provide you with an extended list of references? … Just Ask.

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