Our Experienced Roofers at Henry’s Roofing Can Handle Any Roofing Repair

Helping Homeowners Since 1935.

Our experienced roofers are here to help. We do roof repairs for all minor and major roof damages. If the damage is severe, it is likely covered by your homeowner’s insurance. We also handle maintenance items such as deteriorating flashing, worn pipe boots, and loose shingles that may happen as your roof ages. We can handle any job and our continued focus is customer satisfaction. We love when our customers tell others we’re the best roofing company in and around Canton, CT. Referrals are our biggest compliment.

Common Roofing Repairs

  • Hail damage - This type of damage can be hard to spot without a professional
  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Chimneys that have deteriorated or missing flashing
  • Worn pipe boots
  • Loose nails
  • Water damage to soffits or roof sheathing
  • Storm damage - Always remember, if you see downed trees or power lines on your home, you should leave your home and call 911.

When you need an affordable price to fix a leak or something minor from a recent home inspection from your buyer, we are ready for the job. Home inspection repair requests are always handled promptly because we know you’re on a strict timeline. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Taking off old damaged shingles to replace them

Don’t Ignore Repairs

A small leak in your roof may not seem like a big deal, but even a little water can lead to bigger problems like rotted wood framing and buckled walls. You could also find yourself with mold growth that is difficult to remove. If you have damaged shingles or even worse, missing shingles, these are direct entry points for water and can cause leaks. There are some areas of your roof that need periodic maintenance as your roof ages. Deteriorated pipe boots for example and flashings around chimneys are also common sources for water to enter. It’s best to take care of these inexpensive repairs before they get costly.

If You Have a Roofing Repair Don’t Hesitate to Call Us!

We primarily serve Canton, CT, and surrounding areas. Our roofing contractors at Henry’s Roofing Co. can take care of all roof repairs. We are seasoned roofers and care about you and your family. We’ll work tirelessly to get your roof repaired and help with insurance claims if needed. Give us a call at 860-693-1791 and let’s take care of getting your roof back on track.

Tips On Locating A Reputable Contractor

  • Make sure you contractor has a Connecticut Registration Number. … Here Is Ours (ex. #HIC.0548560)
  • Does your contractor carry both Liability and Workers Compensation insurance? … We Do.
  • How long have they been in business?? … We Are Celebrating 85 Years Of Service!
  • Is the Owner on every job site? … Ryan Will Be On Every Job.
  • Do they sub-contract any of their work. … We Never Do!
  • Call the BBB to see if there were any complaints lodged against that company. … We Never Have.
  • Can your contractor provide you with an extended list of references? … Just Ask.

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