We Offer a Soft Wash Cleaning for Your Roof

Our Wash Uses a Biodegradable Cleaning Solution Safe for Your Plants.

At Henry’s Roofing Co., we provide professional roofing services that also include roof cleaning. We do a soft washing process that uses a biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning solution. It will not harm your landscaping or your shingles because it is applied at low pressure following the method approved by shingle manufacturers.

5 Reasons for a Soft Wash

  • Roof appearance - Soft washing will kill and remove any organic matter from inhabiting your roof can keep it looking its best. Moss, lichen, and algae can take over if left untreated.
  • Life expectancy of your roof - Mold and algae growth can cause costly damages to your roof. It uses your roof as its food source and slowly breaks down your roof’s structure. Unfortunately once there, it won’t go away without treatment.
  • Indirectly keeps pests away - A soft wash is not only removing organic matter from the exterior of your roof, but you’re also indirectly getting rid of possible pests trying to take up residence.
  • Preventive maintenance - Periodically soft washing your roof will keep your roof healthy and free from organic matter. This will prolong the life of your roof. Also, a soft wash lasts much longer than other methods and it’s safer for your roof.
  • Environmentally friendly - Soft washing is environmentally friendly and safe for your landscape, unlike harsh chemicals that are sometimes used.
Henry's Roofing Washes Shingles which makes the shingles last longer.

The Bad Guys

Your roof is vulnerable to many types of organic matter such as algae, mildew, moss, lichen, and bacteria. These organisms can cause harm to your roof that many homeowners don’t realize. They use your roof as their food source and slowly cause deterioration. Your roof’s life span can be decreased significantly if left untreated. Algae and mildew eat away at the materials used in shingle manufacturing and the lichen and moss can remove the protective granules from your shingles due to their root system. The good news is our soft wash will eliminate these culprits so your roof can breathe again.

Henry's Roofing Washes Shingles which makes the shingles last longer.

Roof Cleaning Price

Average Price is $1,000 with a Minimum of $500:

  • Remove debris from roof, gutters and downspouts
  • Bag downspouts for collecting run off
  • Wet all areas that may receive cleaning solution overspray
  • Spray cleaning solution on all affected parts of roof
  • Rinse all areas on ground that received cleaning solution overspray
  • Collect and remove all excess cleaning solution runoff and collection bags

Call on our Roofing Experts!

Henry’s Roofing knows a thing or two about roofing since we’ve been in business since 1935. You can rest easy knowing you have the right crew for your roofing needs. We service many areas including Canton, Avon, New Hartford, West Hartford, Simsbury, Farmington, and Burlington, Connecticut.

Tips On Locating A Reputable Contractor

  • Make sure you contractor has a Connecticut Registration Number. … Here Is Ours (ex. #HIC.0548560)
  • Does your contractor carry both Liability and Workers Compensation insurance? … We Do.
  • How long have they been in business?? … We Are Celebrating 85 Years Of Service!
  • Is the Owner on every job site? … Ryan Will Be On Every Job.
  • Do they sub-contract any of their work. … We Never Do!
  • Call the BBB to see if there were any complaints lodged against that company. … We Never Have.
  • Can your contractor provide you with an extended list of references? … Just Ask.

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