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Henry's Roofing Company Inc.


A company owner is on site overseeing all projects to ensure quality is always to our guaranteed standard start to finish.

Inspections & Estimates

We at Henry’s greatly value transparency and communication through out the inspection and quoting process. A company owner will work with you for all scheduling, inspections, and estimates at your convince.

  • All roof and attic spaces are thoroughly inspected.
  • Potential problem areas identified.
  • Tailored custom solutions to fit your specific needs.
  • Receive a detailed inspection report, recommend services & estimated pricing.

Asphalt Roofing Replacement

Henry’s provides the highest quality asphalt roof replacement and installation services. We use only the industries top materials, install to manufacturer specifications and protect your property throughout the project.

We treat roofs as a combined system of different components to ensure the performance, longevity, and protection of your home. Support structure, ventilation, drip edge, flashing, ice & water barrier, underlayment, and shingles complete this system and are all important to a quality roof.

  • Property Protection
  • Clean & Maintained Job Site
  • Owner Always On Site
  • Industries Top Materials Used

Roofing Ventilation

Additional or improved soffit and ridge ventilation for your attic and roof. Without proper ventilation heat can build up in your attic in the summertime causing deteriorating shingles, warped plywood and nails that can pop out of your roof. In the Winter inadequate ventilation will cause excessive heat, melting snow that can refreeze at the bottom edge of your roof forming Ice Dams and damaging leaks.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Increasing Shingle & Roof Deck Longevity
  • Eliminate Attic Mold, Mildew, Moisture
  • Decrease or Eliminate Ice Daming


New Additions & Replacements

  • Brighten & Warm Your Home With Natural Sunlight

  • Increased Home Value

Soft Washing

Henry’s offers a full range of roofing and siding soft washing services utilizing biodegradable cleaning solution applied at low pressure that is environmentally friendly and will not harm your vegetation. We use the only cleaning method approved by shingle manufactures.

  • Biodegradable & Environment Friendly
  • Increased Longevity
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Curb Appeal
  • Leak Prevention

Pressure Washing

Clean durable surfaces like concrete, brick, stone. Have Walkways, retaining walls, patios, driveways and more looking like new.

  • Remove Harmful Bacteria, Pollen, Dirt, & Mildew
  • Wash Away Acidic Rain
  • Improved Safety
  • Increased Curb Appeal

Roofing Repair

Henry’s offers a wide variety of maintenance and repair services to prevent damage or deterioration to your roofing system and home including Chimney, Fascia, Soffit, and Gutters.

  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Flashing Replacement & Repair for Walls, Vents, & Chimney
  • Chimney Brick, Mortar, & Crown Repair
  • Ice Dam Prevention & Damage Repair
  • Fascia & Soffit Replacement

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning service is comprised of a full clearing and removal of debris from your roof, gutters, and downspouts.

  • Stop Gutter Overflows
  • Properly Direct Run Off
  • Prevent Soffit & Fascia Deterioration
  • Prevent Foundation Erosion & Leaks

Roof Snow and Ice Dam Removal

Removal of damaging & dangerous snow & ice buildups are safely removed with rakes and ice salt.

  • Increased Personal Safety
  • Reduces Stress On Your Homes Structural Integrity
  • Ice Daming Leak Prevention

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